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A toddler's skin due to many changes in appearance and texture. Information has the skin of a healthy newborn birth weight: dark red or purple bluish hands and feet and skin. The skin darkens only the child their first breath takes (if you do this first lusty cry). A thick, waxy substance called Vernix covers the skin. This substance protects the skin of the fetus in amniotic fluid in the uterus. Vernix when washing the baby first bath. Fine hair, slack (Lanugo hair), which can cover, the scalp, forehead, cheeks, shoulders and back. This is most common when a baby is born before the expiration date. Your hair should be after the first few weeks of life your baby disappear. New skin varies depending on the duration of pregnancy. Premature babies have thin skin and transparent. The skin of a newborn baby to term is thicker. Child can second or third day the skin slightly brightened and dry and scaly. Often, the skin turns red, if the baby cries. Lips, hands and feet are bluish or stained (spotted), if the baby is cold. Other changes include: Milia, (small, pearly white bumps farms generated in the face), who disappear on their own. Mild acne disappears usually within a few weeks. This is caused by certain maternal hormones that remain in the blood of the child. Erythema Toxicum is a common rash and safe small pustules on red looks. It tends to be on the face, trunk, arms and legs from 1 to 3 days after giving birth to appear. It goes away in a week. Lunar colors or stains on the skin include: congenital moles are in (dark pigmented skin choices) that can be present at birth. They vary in size from as small as a pea, that is large enough, the revitol skin cream price in india entire arm or leg or a large part of the back or upper body to cover. Large Nevus cause have a higher risk of skin cancer. Your doctor must follow all neo. Mongolian spots are blue gray spots or brown. In the skin of the buttocks or posterior, can occur especially in dark-skinned children. It should fade within a year. Café-au-lait spots are light brown, the color of coffee with milk. Often appear at birth or in the first years can develop. Children who have many of these points or large patches, may be more a disease have called neurofibromatosis. Can include Red birthmarks: hemangiomas are tumors that contain blood vessels (vascular CRU). They are purple red color. They are often at first glance, but can occur in any area of the body. Hemangiomas are a collection of capillaries (small blood vessels), can occur at birth or a few months later. Small red spots on the baby stork is forehead, eyelids, the back of the neck or upper lip. They are caused by expansion of the blood vessels. You resolve usually within 18 months. NamesNewborn alternative characteristic of the skin; Baby skin CharacteristicsReferencesOlsson J. Das Neugeborene. 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